Austin Studio’s VR Mini-Golf gets a new course based on Jim Henson’s maze: Mighty Coconut

Par ∞: One of the magic holes in the new Labyrinth course for Mini golf tour (courtesy of Mighty Coconut)

Sinking a hole in one is hard enough. Now imagine that but avoid plunging into the eternal swamp of stench while avoiding the machinations of Gareth, the Elf King. Austin-based gaming company Mighty Coconut took on exactly that challenge with the launch of LabyrinthIt is a new 18-hole course Mini golf tour VR game based on the classic fantasy movie, Jim Henson Labyrinth.

Lucas Martell, co-founder of Mighty Coconut, used to create mini golf courses using building blocks as a child. «A lot of people who play golf or mini golf tend to think, ‘Oh, here’s a hole, here’s a hole, here’s another hole.'» Whereas for us it’s, «You’re in virtual reality, it’s all about the world.» If you’re on a mini golf, the way the course plays matters, but you’ll also go, «I want to go on a pirate ship.» “The opportunity to venture into the depths of one of the most beloved and enchanting places in the world allowed them to conjure up their most magical experiences yet.” It is almost like a file Labyrinth Martell said.

Nicole Goldman, Jim Henson Executive Vice President of Brand and Lifetime Labyrinth One fan said the collaboration was very apt because, first, Mini golf tour It’s so fun, silly and irreverent like that Labyrinth It is “but also because both companies” are world builders… the opportunity to create something immersive is always going to be attractive to us. «

«It’s almost like a Labyrinth theme park.» – Lucas Martell

It is perhaps best known as the studio behind «Pigeon: Impossible» (the short that became undercover spies, starring the rockers and Tom Holland), Mighty Coconut transitioned from animation to indie games «by making mistakes and moving forward quickly,» Martell said. It started with two mobile titles: an adventure game from the Alaskan group 57 degrees north and AR/VR hybrid laser mazer. Both were minor successes, but when that happened Mini golf tour In 2020, it’s an instant smash, and it’s now expanded to 12 themed courses, from the Tethys space base to the mysteries of the jungle in the lost city of El Dorado. the new Labyrinth The course is the first time the company has worked on an existing IP address – and it won’t be the last, as the team is now busy working on a new course with developer Cyan based on the groundbreaking 1993 adventure game, mist.

Martell credits senior art director Don Carson (a former Disney imagine who has worked on Mickey Town and Splash Mountain) with helping the game translate the look and feel of Brian Frod’s original designs for the film into a virtual reality experience. According to Goldman, much of the development discussion centered around «the unique and memorable moments in the film that people are excited about experiencing.» This means being able to interact with classic characters and locations, as well as play avatars, including the mysterious Gareth (played by David Bowie in the film) and starring Sarah (Jennifer Connelly). But the labyrinth is a world of surprises, and even the smallest details – like a small character that has crawled into the hearts of fans. Goldman said, “There was a demo where they went, ‘Oh, there’s the worm,’ and we went, ‘Wait, back up. Let me reset my meetings for today so we can talk about that worm. “…we spent a lot of time thinking about the worm, the size of the worm, and what the worm is doing, because we know it’s a great and memorable character and moment in the movie, and we wanted people to have that experience.”

Mini golf tour Available on Meta Rift, Meta Quest, and Steam VR. The Labyrinth The DLC is available for $2.99 ​​as of July 28, and a 2D version is currently in alpha testing.