WNBA’s Greiner Tells Court Of Bad Translation When Arrested

Khimki, Russia (AFP) – American basketball star Britney Greiner She testified at her drug possession trial in Russia that an interpreter translated a fraction of what was said during interrogation when she was detained at Moscow airport in February and that officials asked her to sign documents without explaining what they said. In her first … Read more

A #toosoon moment? The pope wearing a headscarf attracts mixed reactions

It was a stunning photo: Pope Francis briefly wore a full Aboriginal headdress, his rows of soft white feathers held in place by a colorful, beaded headband after he apologized for the Catholic Church’s role in Canada’s «disastrous» residential school system for Aboriginal children . Leader Wilton Littlechild, a residential school survivor, gave Francis a … Read more

A respected civilian medic on the front lines of the Ukraine war

Donetsk region, Ucayen (AP) – throughout the Donetsk region, near the front lines of the Russian war in Ukraine, Natalia Voronkova appears at Ukrainian field sites and hospitals, wearing high heels. A colleague bought her running shoes, but Voronkova abandoned them. A helmet and flak jacket are also not part of her uniform, as she … Read more

The US is planting more trees as climate change kills forests

Billings, Mont. The Biden administration on Monday announced plans to replant trees on millions of acres of scorched and dead forest as officials struggle to cope with mounting losses in the nation’s forests. from wildfires, insects and other manifestations of climate change. devastating fires In recent years, when temperatures have flared too high for forests … Read more