Surprise? How did the stock market react to every Fed rate hike in 2022

The Fed’s strategy of inflating rate hikes lays much of the blame for triggering a bear market in stocks in 2022, but investors may be surprised to take a look at how stocks have performed in the days this year when policymakers lashed out at figurative monetary policy brakes. S&P 500 SPX Index, + 1.44% … Read more

Pfizer loses court battle over elderly drug use

A federal appeals court has dismissed Pfizer’s lawsuits against the government in a case that has major implications for drug prices, Medicare spending and government efforts to enforce anti-fraud. Pfizer’s lawsuit against the US Department of Health and Human Services, first filed in 2020, sought legal approval for a proposed program that would help cover … Read more

Apple has been concerned about iPhone supply, but this could swing by demand

Throughout the pandemic, the biggest challenge for Apple Inc. It is maintaining an adequate supply of its devices, but with the company heading towards launching a new iPhone, could the equation be reversed? Apple AAPL, -0.88% Benefiting from elastic demand in the first two years of the COVID-19 crisis, as governments poured in stimulus money … Read more