The Biden administration announced an investment of $400 million in high-speed Internet for rural communities

“Rural communities are the backbone of our nation and have a broad impact on our economy, but for far too long, rural communities have been neglected or left behind and their contributions not being recognized. We are changing that, and it begins with White House Infrastructure Act Coordinator Mitch Landrieu,” said Mitch Landrieu, White House … Leer más

Crazy Joe Biden battled Covid fever with the help of his dog and a bunch of books about Ireland

His wife flew to Delaware, bringing her new short hair with her. The staff inside the executive palace has been scaled back to essential staff, who Biden was concerned they might have contracted the highly transmissible type of coronavirus he would likely have infected. Even a video-equipment cart wheeled into the second-floor treaty room, phone … Leer más

Pfizer loses court battle over elderly drug use

A federal appeals court has dismissed Pfizer’s lawsuits against the government in a case that has major implications for drug prices, Medicare spending and government efforts to enforce anti-fraud. Pfizer’s lawsuit against the US Department of Health and Human Services, first filed in 2020, sought legal approval for a proposed program that would help cover … Leer más

Stock exchanges face their worst nightmare as EU ticker bar gets support – Politico

Across Europe, stock exchanges’ biggest fears may come true as an ambitious strip-tape scheme gains momentum in Brussels. Stock markets are resisting calls for a «single bar» that would create a price feed for stock trades across the EU’s disparate trading venues. They fear that the tape could eat up profitable returns from trading data … Leer más

Russo-Ukrainian War Update July 25, 2022

Ministry of Foreign Affairs donates 500,000 Covid-19 vaccines to Ukraine The Foreign Ministry said it has donated nearly 500,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to Ukraine as the Kremlin’s war enters its fifth month. «As we continue to confront COVID-19 around the world, we must keep in mind those affected by crises and wars in … Leer más