3 times debt can be a useful tool | Smart Change: Personal Finance

Sarah Rathner In some corners of the world of personal financial advice, getting into debt is the worst thing you can do. And yes, some forms of debt—particularly those that charge high interest rates—can keep you locked in a money indebted cycle for years. With that said, there are times when borrowing serves a purpose … Leer más

Why you won’t regret taking advantage of HSA | personal financing

(Stephon Walters) outside housing and possibly transportation costs, Health Care It is likely to be your biggest retirement expense. It’s unfortunate, but doctor visits become more frequent, and more health problems tend to arise as you age. Before reaching retirement age, it is very important to understand the potential for increased health care costs and … Leer más

AP interview: Japanese minister says women ‘underestimated’ | Health, medicine and fitness

By Mari Yamaguchi and Foster Kluge – The Associated Press TOKYO (Associated Press) – Japan’s minister of gender equality and child issues has described record low births and population declines as a national crisis and blamed «apathy and ignorance» in Japan’s male-dominated parliament for neglect. In a wide-ranging interview with the Associated Press, Seiko Noda … Leer más

2 Things to Watch out for with ESG Fund Investing | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Javier Simon) If you want to invest in companies that share your values, consider ESG funds. They aim to invest in companies that are generally environmentally friendly, socially responsible and ethically governed. That sounds cool – but before you jump in on it Investing in ESG fundsYou will need to face some major risks. Not … Leer más